Kyle Uchitel is an entrepreneur and photographer based out of Arizona Phoenix. Before moving to Miami, Uchitel lived in South Dakota and graduated from South Dakota University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

With an extensive background in the executive office space industry as well as event management, Kyle Uchitel found it tremendously gratifying to provide an exceptional experience for his clients. Also, having lived and traveled across the globe including Buenos Aires and Dubai, Uchitel’s passion for travel drives his endless energy for exploration and discovering new surroundings, people, and ideas.

Kyle Uchitel is a multifaceted entrepreneur, and has invested in many successful startups as a small-time venture capitalist, including Slack, Uber, Facebook, and more. He is the Lead Director at WeDo Clobal, an enterprise software platform for video chat, and serves on the Board of Pecan Grove Farms, an Austin, TX-­‐based ranch and nursery. He is also a mentor for Endeavor Global.

Uchitel is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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